Events And Sponsors

Events And Sponsors

We specialize in event sponsorship education for sponsorship seekers.

Vigilance Style & Grace, established in 1999 as an events planning company is owned and operated by Roberta Vigilance, Event Sponsorship Author and Consultant.

Securing sponsors is not the same as securing advertisers, donors, and investors. To become successful in securing sponsors you must know the fundamentals of securing sponsors (book & courses/seminar).

Any event you can think of can be sponsored. Sponsors will fund your event cost up to 100%.

There isn’t an event you can think of that cannot be sponsored. There is a product or service that meets the need, want, and desire of every consumer (audience) and if there isn’t and you’re the person who will be bringing the product or service, or message into existence then it can be sponsored into reality. Companies have marketing budgets that allow them to connect with their target audience. Sponsorship is the best strategy for connecting brands with an event audience. Why? Because sponsorship gives sponsors the opportunity to connect with their pure demographics and psychographics. Event organizers such as planners, promoters, founders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals have more influence over their event audience more than companies. Although budgets are set aside, sponsors do expect something in return, called benefits, for the funding they provide. Learn more by reading How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised or registering for a course.

So what’s an event?

Google defines an event as “a thing that happens“. That thing can be a seminar, party, team, sport, vacation, rehabilitation stay, an educational course, wedding, research, movie, idea, corporate team, architectural building, project, fashion show, showcase, charity to anything life presents. Every event has an audience whether it’s one person alone taking part in the event or a group planning an event for groups of 10 to millions of viewers.

There are many misconceptions about event sponsorship.

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised is an esteemed sponsorship book that lists the 7 most common misconceptions to get rid of in order to become successful in the process of securing sponsors and is critical to event sponsorship understanding of the fundamentals leading to effectively communicating with sponsors across the globe and establishing win-win sponsorship partnerships.

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Nine steps to what to do to get sponsors for your event

Global sponsorship spending from 2007 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars) Learn More…

  1. Be passionate about your event – without passion, you will not get through steps 2-9.
  2. Understand how sponsorship works – fundamental, yet the most essential step to securing sponsors.
  3. Define your event purpose, expected outcome, and audience – this will help you target the right sponsors.
  4. List companies that will benefit from your event – if a win-win partnership is not being established, move on.
  5. Research, find out what sponsors needs are – equally important, know what your event value is.
  6. Have your sponsorship proposal ready – it’s faster to edit than to create one from scratch, reference #8.
  7. Contact sponsors – have your 15-second pitch ready.
  8. Submit your sponsorship proposal – have your sponsorship proposal ready before contacting sponsors.
  9. Follow up – to answer questions and close the sponsorship deal.

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised

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