Roberta Vigilance teaches the fundamentals of event sponsorship to help sponsorship seekers secure sponsors successfully through learning how to communicate (more) efficiently with sponsors and sell events (project, idea, program, or anything they are seeking funding for) to sponsors.

She teaches in her webinar, books, and ebook. She also helps consulting clients convert unsuccessful sponsorship to successful sponsorship.

I think you are very articulate and you KNOW YOUR STUFF.

Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D, Realtor, CA
I’ve been looking for ways to take my creativity and business to the next level. I checked it out and I’m so glad I did! I found out I was literally leaving money on the table.
Ernest Williams, CEO Gennin Media

The step by step easy to follow format explains the relation between you and the sponsor and the advantages of securing a sponsor, a win win situation for both parties. Great book.

Yves. J. Jacques, Film/Video A.S.C, Theme Fusion

This book will help others to get sponsorship for their events. I am so happy that I received this book and glad that with the information I will easily create productive sponsorships for my events.

Terri L Clay, Inspirational Speaker

“Great Book!”

Woodrow Allbright

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Recently Released!

The Third Edition Revised of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully

For Advanced Sponsorship Seekers, and is Highly Recommended for all Sponsors.

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised includes all of the information that is in the first edition, plus

  • A metric to plug information that will help to determine the success of the sponsorship before submitting or approving sponsorship proposals – just plug and check!
  • A second book included, step-by-step guide to planing sponsored-events –  don’t miss a step, it may cost you!
  • Coaching questions asked to sponsorship seekers seeking guidance on sponsorship journey – value over $1,800 for one-on-one coaching session!

Last but not least…

  • $5 from each book sold goes into a business savings account towards the Sponsorship Reward Program set aside to sponsor events that are planned by book buyers of this edition!

Save time and money, prevent or minimize costly and common mistakes, use simple metric to make sponsorship evaluation easy, lots of digestible information!

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