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9 Steps To What To Do Secure Sponsors

Interview – wrong college – my son went to John Jay College – not me – I went to New York City Technical College (that’s what is was called when I attended in 1997-1999), located at 300 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York – 🙂

Advice – Consumers work hard. Sponsor target local community.  Book is in print!

Advice – Problem & Solution

A Bit of Humor

Advice – For Sponsors, Know what you expect from the sponsorship. Blog reference in video.

 Me & GrandPa (age 98) at his first Mets Game!

Advice – For Sponsorship Seekers, Have a backup plan

Q&A – New properties best way for approaching sponsorship. Video for 9 steps.

Advice – Welcome back Nokia

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Interview – Repeat what works

Promo – Third Edition, Now Available in Print! Order!

Guest & Speaker

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