“Joscha Thieringer said, “Sports Sponsorship is booming; never before has more money been put into marketing with athletes, sports teams, or sporting events.”

Logos are long-term money makers for brands. Have you ever heard a song you didn’t like, however, after hearing the song ‘time after time’ (pun intended), it becomes one of your favorite songs? Think about McDonald’s. It took years of logo placement at sponsored events to be able to use just two words: “next exit” that are not associated with their industry. Yet, no matter what language you speak or what part of the world you are from, millions recognize the McDonald’s logo and respond to the call to action.

Logos are quick reflectors that jog memories and influence to-do lists. There is no doubt logos are effective as Anna Ní Chiaruáin at LogoGrab shared. It is the most valued asset for a company when you think about branding.

This doesn’t necessarily translate to slapping logos on every monitor, jersey, etc. It simply means you need to be strategic and ensure measurable results. Logo placement at games and other events is (still) a valuable benefit that achieves sponsors’ objectives and goals related to branding, visibility, awareness, influence, and engagement.

Seeing the same logo game after game, year after year, and the ones that publicly engage with the audience on a personal level, for example, within the target audience outside of the game, and continue to pop up in the right places everywhere both offline and online will (continue to) win in brand recognition in 2019 and for decades to come.

Adding to Joscha’s list, money needs to be put into creating, updating and placing logos. Catching the audience’s attention is only the beginning. Remember, without proper activation a logo is just a design. Darren Heitner reports a perfect example of the power of logo placement and how forward thinkers are taking action in his post, What Is ROKiT? The Sports Sponsorship Strategy Built On You Asking That Question.”

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Roberta Vigilance is the author of several event sponsorship books, teaches an event sponsorship course by phone, online, and in-person, and provides solutions to clients with sponsorship problems.