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Grassroots Passion-Driven Community Events

Roberta Vigilance added to event sponsorship world the skill of securing sponsors book and training.

Journey to Sponsorship Expert

That is Me and My Favorite Picture on My Entire Sponsorship Journey

Yep, that is me, I believe in 2004, taking my first step towards writing to educate event planners how to secure sponsors for their events.

– Started with A Passion for Helping Community

– Started with No Experience

– Started with No Money

– Started with No Awareness of Event Sponsorship

– Started with No Contacts to Sponsors

Photo Credit: My Son

Wanting to Help a Community Thrive

I established an event planning business in 1999 to help up and coming models and talents gain information and visibility from leaders within the entertainment industry.

When I launched my business, I was a new mom, got on (first generation) welfare because I was not earning sufficient money in my B2B sales position to pay all of the bills including rent and food expenses, and a volunteer on a hip-hip celebrity calendar project.

My employer at the time, suggested that I return to school. I returned and majored in Small Business Marketing and Management. I also joined a school club and learned there was a community of students that wanted to enter the entertainment business. I leveraged the knowledge gained during the project, and decided to plan – Entertainment Industry Network Seminar – my first event to educate, showcase, and network emerging talents.

Searching for Money to Cover the Cost of My Business Event

I brought the idea of planning an event for emerging talents to the President of the school club that I was a member of, and he approved it. I did not realize at that time money was needed to implement the event. I asked businesses in my community where I resided to invest in my events in exchange for bringing them up close and personal with the audience, they all said yes.

In the process of planning the first event Entertainment Industry Network Seminar, the venue cancelled the event. Money from businesses had already been paid. I managed to secure another date for the following month. in addition to, had to report to the businesses that had given me the money.

Learning How Sponsorship Works

I continued to plan a series of events, and more money was needed so I (literally) knocked on doors of corporate brands. I told the gatekeeper, when I could not get to a decision maker, that I would like their brand to invest in my events, they all said no. It was at that moment, the language of event sponsorship was introduced to me.  I went on to secure sponsors for each event that was planned by my business. My business saved thousands of dollars. I learned the language and the process and share them in my book, How To Secure Sponsors Successfully and training seminar.

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