Are you seeking sponsors but don’t know where to start?

Personalized Guidance to Becoming Sponsorship Ready & Securing Sponsors!

For Sponsorship Seekers

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Gain clarity and confidence, and start securing sponsors!

The purpose of the coaching session is to understand where you are now and get you to securing sponsors as soon as possible.

Highly recommended for first-time sponsorship seekers who are ready to take action!

What coaching with Roberta Vigilance will do for you?

If you are new to securing sponsors, thinking about multiple events or need to work with a sponsorship professional who knows their stuff and cares about you achieving your goals, Roberta Vigilance is your go-to sponsorship professional. Roberta will be there for you, guiding you through the process every step of the way until you secure your first or next sponsor.

Please note: this is not consulting service to problem-solve.

What to expect in your coaching session

In the first session, you will be asked a series of questions that prepare you to become sponsorship ready and to gain clarity on choosing one event, if you have multiple events, that you would like to implement. Sometimes one event can be leveraged to implement the other – you’ll discover which one to focus on.

In the supporting sessions, you will be able to ask questions and get answers and follow up in areas where you might have been stuck, to move along the process of securing sponsors.

Coaching session

  • First session – 4 hour coaching session
  • Follow up sessions –  support to answer questions and to get to the end result of securing sponsors


  • Phone Conference (toll-free in many areas, check your area)
  • Video Conference
    • skype, facebook messenger, whatsapp, or other video platforms


Session + 1-month weekly support – US$ 1,800

Session + 3-month weekly support – US$ 3,800

Session + 6-month weekly support – US$ 6,340

Coaching with Roberta Vigilance

“I bought the coaching session with Roberta because I saw her on YouTube explaining her sponsorship career, I like the way she explained it, and feel I could relate to her.  I feel she understands the market that I am trying to reach and hope that she has enough patience for me.  I’m looking for knowledge and to write a compelling sponsorship proposal.  It’s teaching me what are sponsors looking for from me and how to bring value to their brand.” Didier Metellus, CEO MetMarket & Co-director VODOU

“I learned very early in life that learning from those who have already accomplished what you strive for is the shortest and smartest path to success.” Tom Ferry

Coaching with Roberta Vigilance