Sponsorship Proposal Development & Writing

The process for writing a sponsorship proposal can take the minimum of 2 days and up to a month for more complex events.

The discovery session takes 1 to 2 hours (for the do-it-yourself) to learn about your event, your strategies for winning, and what you intend to offer, then writing your proposal begins.

Pricing Options

  • Do-it-yourself, but with an expert helping you – US$4,000 (2 day)
  • Write the proposal for you – U$250/hr*40hr (1 week minimum)
  • Don’t know how to get it all done and need minimal solution – US$39.99 (use How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition – book – as your guide to improving your own ability.  Lots of sponsorship seekers are using it)

Person Uses Pen on Book

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