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Sponsored Posts Contract Template

​This is the only lawyer written contract template you need to easily work with brands to produce any kind of sponsored content and build lasting relationships with them, while also protecting your financial and legal interests in the process.



​A sponsored posts contract is an agreement between you and the brand/company who is sponsoring content on your website. It protects you and your business from legal disputes that can arise. This sponsored posts contract includes all the legalese you need to protect yourself legally and financially.

With a sponsored posts contract, both you and the brand know exactly what is expected of each other and you will have all the key legal provisions to back you up in case something goes wrong!


Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize the template to your business in minutes! Instant download and begin using the template in your business right away. I have simplified the entire process for you.


  • Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize the template to your business

  • Lifetime updates and support included with the template

Over 30,000+ Bloggers, Course Creators, Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs Use these Legal Templates to  Protect themselves and their business! 

This 11 page Sponsored Posts Contract template includes 28 VERY important legal sections! Be assured it includes everything you need and you can easily tailor it to your business needs as shown in the instructions. 


Services to be Provided

Clear outline of what services you will be providing to the brand/sponsor including their guidelines and deadlines

Ownership of intellectual property

Who owns the intellectual property you create? With this template, you have the option to retain the ownership or transfer ownership to the brand for your sponsored content.

Confidentiality provisions

Ensures that everything shared with you stays between you and the brand. Protects both you and the brand so you can freely communicate!

Clear Payment Terms

How will you get paid and when? so there’s no confusion between the parties. Plus a BONUS late payment fee clause to encourage brands to pay you on time!