Updated 10-24-2012

If you are offering your sponsors social media exposure, allow your sponsor to “create a conversation with consumers” says destinationCRM.com.

Some sponsors may already have a  page on Facebook [TikTok, Twitter, etc.] for fans to Like. However, you can ask your social media network why they like or dislike your sponsor’s brand and if they have any ideas on how to improve your sponsor’s brand.

Tell them about your sponsor’s upcoming promotions and events. The up side to doing this is your social media network group will provide a more honest feedback with you verses the sponsor.  

In addition, prospective consumers and ex-consumers will give your sponsor a second chance or a first time try because people in your social media network actually knows You or are avid supporters of Your brand.  

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Roberta Vigilance

Roberta Vigilance is the author of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully and has an extensive background in B2C and B2B sales. In 1999, Roberta established Vigilance Style & Grace, an event planning company that educated and networked talents entering the entertainment industry. Self-taught in planning sponsored-events and securing sponsors, Roberta learned the sponsorship language and sold her events to sponsors which saved her business and events hundreds of thousands of dollars. Roberta converts unsuccessful sponsorships to successful sponsorships for clients and teaches professionals new to event sponsorship how to secure sponsors. Enroll in her event sponsorship training course.