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Credit: (Statista) Sponsorship spending continues to grow.

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“The workshop was useful. You covered everything on the agenda. It’s very helpful to have a resume with specific work experience to forward to team members and get them to commit their time. thanks.” Devika Porayath 

“I thought the workshop was informative and helpful. I would definitely recommend it.” Felicia Moley

“…Hi Roberta, I enjoyed your presentation and the discussion where a young poet, musicians, dancer, and program manager and policewoman came out with newfound enthusiasm for finding sponsors and better organizers.”- Marcia Kresge, Program Coordinator & Yoga Instructor

“Thanks for your presentation, Roberta! I think people definitely found it helpful.” Ethany Uttech, Community Initiatives Specialist 

“It’s always great to have business related programs in lower income communities that lack this type of education and we look forward to having more workshops like that here again.” R. Sinclair, Brooklyn Public Library, Saratoga Branch Librarian

Sponsorship Topics
Understand Sponsorship Communicate with Sponsors Evaluate Sponsorship Sell Event   
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