Event Sponsorship Classes & Seminars for Beginners & Seasoned

Event Sponsorship Classes & Seminar

Sponsorship lessons taught by Roberta Vigilance


New to Sponsorship & Securing Sponsors?

If you’ve heard something about sponsorship or sponsors but you’re not sure exactly what it means UNDERSTANDING SPONSORSHIP FOUNDATION is for you!  At the end of Intro to Securing Sponsors Part I and ll you will have an universal and a clear understanding of what sponsorship is and who can become your event sponsor.

Information & Book Seminar

Ready to Contact Sponsors?

Before you email or speak with sponsors know the common terms used by sponsorship professionals; in addition to, when is the best time to contact sponsors. COMMUNICATING WITH SPONSORS will allow you to communicate efficiently with sponsors and get rid of embarrassing or awkward moments. At the end of this course, in addition to knowing what time of year to send your sponsorship proposal you will know and understand the common terms used by sponsors and what those terms mean.

Information & Book Seminar

Ready to Sell Your Event to Sponsors?

When asking for funding, it can hurt the sponsorship deal if you ask for too much or if you don’t ask for enough. SELLING EVENTS TO SPONSORS will assist you in establishing win-win partnerships between you and sponsors, or you can choose Selling to Sponsors l, ll, or lll. If you take all three courses you will be able to write a clear and concise sponsorship proposal.

Information & Book Seminar

New to Planning A Sponsored-Event?

Event Sponsorship as with any other industry has its own language and technique. Same with the steps for planning an event vs. the steps for planning a sponsored-event. Minimize mistakes often made by new event planners in the HOW TO PLAN A SPONSORED-EVENT course.

Information & Book Seminar


Cram Course – 5 Classes – 1 Day

$US 297.00

Who Should Attend?

Professionals securing sponsors for the first time or looking for better sponsorship results.

Information & Book Seminar

Taught from How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised – Funding For Events.


Roberta Vigilance is a sponsorship consultant and author and teaches sponsorship seekers how to secure sponsors and finds solutions to her clients’ sponsorship problems. You can learn more about Roberta and what she offers by visiting her Online, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or Twitter or order her book How To Secure Sponsors, Successfully Third Edition.


Thanks for your presentation, Roberta! I think people definitely found it helpful. Ethany Uttech, Community Initiatives Specialist 

I thought the workshop was informative and helpful. I would definitely recommend it. Felicia Moley

..Hi Roberta, I enjoyed your presentation and the discussion where a young poet, musicians, dancer, and program manager and policewoman came out with newfound enthusiasm for finding sponsors and better organizers. Marcia Kresge, Program Coordinator & Yoga Instructor

The workshop was useful. You covered everything on the agenda. It’s very helpful to have a resume with specific work experience to forward to team members and get them to commit their time. thanks. Devika Porayath

It’s always great to have business related programs in lower income communities that lack this type of education and we look forward to having more workshops like that here again. R. Sinclair, Brooklyn Public Library, Saratoga Branch Librarian

Information & Book Seminar