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Brands Speaking Up Against Racism

Before BLM (Black Lives Matter), some companies and brands had already start to fund events that benefited brown and black people.

Roberta Vigilance, author of  ‘How To Secure Sponsors Successfully’ launched an event planning company in 1999 to help up and coming talents gain information and visibility from leaders in the entertainment industry. During that time the word sponsorship came into her realm but not the process. Roberta is self-taught in securing sponsors and has secured sponsors for all of her events.

When she started, Roberta remembers getting shown the exist sign before she can complete her pitch to gatekeepers. She admits that it was not her skin color that caused consecutive rejections, but it was that she was using the wrong word. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that racism exists”, says Ms. Vigilance. “The antiquated actions that corporate decision makers uphold and make have damaged communities and eventually their brands. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to work with many brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Rite Aid before BLM, because it shows that these brands were not forced into supporting communities that they targeted and did business with.

Charitable giving is short-term and not a solution to problems that have been going on for centuries. For profit businesses cannot receive donations. Sponsorship on the other hand is for everyone and it establishes strong evergreen communities. When done correctly, sponsorship is a long-term solution.

Grassroots events are springing up everywhere throughout the world. Funding is needed, in some cases, to reach more people, offer more services, and to achieve other expected outcomes. Sponsoring events is a win-win for everyone, the event organizer and their audience, and the sponsor.

A sponsor can provide hard cash, credit, and in-kind resources, such as audiovisual services or catering. But, naturally, you have to offer them something in return.

“If brands continue to take money and resources out of communities and don’t put anything back, how will communities survive. They won’t.” says Ms. Vigilance. She doesn’t believe communities should have a feeling of entitlement from sponsors, instead they should learn how to establish win-win partnerships.

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Roberta Vigilance added to event sponsorship world the skill of securing sponsors book and training. She is the author of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully that teaches how to get funding for all types of events. 

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