…Hi Roberta, I enjoyed your presentation and the discussion where a young poet, musicians, dancer, and program manager and policewoman came out with newfound enthusiasm for finding sponsors and better organizers.” 

Marcia Kresge, Program Coordinator & Yoga Instructor 

“I thought the workshop was informative and helpful. I would definitely recommend it.”

Felicia Mosley 

“The workshop was useful. You covered everything on the agenda. It’s very helpful to have a resume with specific work experience to forward to team members and get them to commit their time. thanks!”

Devika Porayath 

“I was able to get on your call yesterday!  Great Stuff.”

Lytoya Parker



“Great Book!”

Woodrow Allbright

“I think you are very articulate and you KNOW YOUR STUFF.”

Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D, Realtor, CA

“After reading this book I gained a better and clear understanding of what it takes to secure sponsorship for my event. The step by step easy to follow format explains the relation between you and the sponsor and the advantages of securing a sponsor, a win win situation for both parties. Great book.”

Yves. J. Jacques, Film / Video A.S.C

The book was very helpful, and showed of Roberta’s knowledge of how to get sponsorship. This book will help others to get sponsorship for their events. I am so happy that I received this book and glad that with the information I will easily create productive sponsorships for my events.”

Terri L Clay, Inspirational Speaker



“Your Event Planning Information is great-helped me get my fund-raiser off the ground and sponsored within one week.  Thank You! Thank You!”

-Jenny B.

“Your Event Planning Information is great – keep up the good work…”

Bill, Life and Goals Coach

“Greetings Roberta, .. This guide is a great beginners guide to event planning for those looking to get their feet wet in planning events.  It is accurate, concise and a to the point guide to planning a sponsored event.  Great event planning 101.”

Osaremi Lanloke, Event Planner for over 15 years



“Happy New Year Roberta, .. I just got a new client that I met the night of your last panel in Medgar Evers, he held my info all this time.  Just wanted to let you know that your events breed results and connections.”

G. King

“Roberta Vigilance events are knowledgeable, positive, and versatile.”

Bowlegged Lou, Member of Full Force, Producer, Writer, Actor