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Securing sponsors is not only about getting funding, it’s also about giving sponsors benefits that your event has to offer. If you don’t have a give and take attitude, this ebook will not help you. This ebook will help sponsorship seekers and sponsors, new to event sponsorship or not winning in event sponsorship successfully approach event sponsorship so that everyone involve in the event sponsorship wins.

No Fluff. Concise. Easy to Understand.

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“I’m a creative artist in the area of multimedia.  I’ve been looking for ways to take my creativity and business to the next level.  A good friend of mine referred me to this book on securing sponsors successfully.  My first thought was what am I going to do with sponsors? My next thought was if even one idea helps it’s worth it.  I checked it out and I’m so glad I did!  I found out I was literally leaving money on the table.  The no nonsense cut to the chase style made for easy digesting and a quick read.  Here’s to a very useful tool in my belt to build my business!”

Ernest Williams, CEO Gennin Media

“After reading this book I gained a better and clear understanding of what it takes to secure sponsorship for my event.  The step by step easy to follow format explains the relation between you and the sponsor and the advantages of securing a sponsor, a win win situation for both parties. Great book.”

Yves. J. Jacques, Film/Video A.S.C

“Great Book!” 

Woodrow Allbright

“In today’s transforming economy, it’s essential that everyone – especially small businesses and newly emerging entrepreneurs – understand every form of funding and revenue generation available to them..If you have been unsuccessfully tried to gain sponsorship, this book is vital for your next attempt… If you’re considering sponsorship for the first time, it will serve as an excellent primer. If you’ve never considered sponsorship for your business or organization, you should read this book. It will provide an option you may never have thought of, but which is well worth considering, and not as complicated or unlikely as you might believe.”

Cornell Green

Also available in Hardcover at Barnes & Noble.


  1. Rebecca


    Thank you Roberta Vigilance, for writing How To Secure Sponsors Successfully. I am always telling my children that we’re never to old to learn something new. Roberta, you did just that well… in this case you was the teacher and I was the student. Your book (How To Secure Sponsors Successfully) is so much information that many of us business owners seek for. I remember when my cousin asked me to sponsor an event for a screenwriter that was launching her television series. I agreed to sponsoring the event for her by providing my catering services in exchange of being acknowledged. Well in the beginning things were great until the event, she did not hold up to her end of the deal. It was an embarrassing experience. So I am grateful to have read your e-book. It is GOOD STUFF. I learned a new term Deck as in sponsorship. I had no idea that sponsors needed to lose their budget. You aloud me to see things in a different lens. And to learn to step out of the box. I can go on, and on about the knowledge that I received from reading your book. I have two pages of notes that I jotted down. Also, it was thoughtful of you to give us readers a few sample pages for guidance. My prayer is that you continue to be blessed, grow and prosper in this thing called life.

    • Roberta Vigilance

      I’m glad that you’ve found value in the information. I wish you lots of gain in your future sponsorships and love your prayer.

      Thank you, Seraphins Catering!


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