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Sponsors fund all types of events, e.g., party, team, fundraiser, game, program, metaverse, your event, to connect with your audience. This recent edition helps you understand event sponsorship, effectively communicate with sponsors in any part of the world and sell your event to sponsors . Examples of sponsorship proposals are also included!  No more second guessing. Read Get Funding For Your Event – How To Secure Sponsors Successfully.

Format: eBook   Page: 89    Language: English

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Table Of Contents

Note to Readers – helps you overcome common challenges you might face when contacting sponsors in 2023.


Understanding – helps you get rid of common misconceptions about event sponsorship one of them being that sponsorship is the same as donation. Approach the process with confidence.

  • Get Rid Of These 7 Misconceptions
  • About Event Sponsorship
  • How Sponsors Save Money On Events
  • How Sponsors Increase Event Profit


Communicating – lets you speak and understand the native sponsorship language. Have a meeting of the mind with seasoned sponsorship professionals which speeds up the process.

  • Sponsorship Terms To Know
  • Common Benefits Sponsors Look For
  • Find The Value Of A Benefit
  • Target The Right Sponsors
  • Where To Find Sponsors
  • When To Contact Sponsors


Selling – helps you write a clear concise sponsorship proposal, as well as, fill out online sponsorship submission forms when sponsors send you to their websites.

  • Create The Sponsorship Fee
  • Sponsorship Proposal Categories
  • What To Include In Your Sponsorship Letter And Proposal
  • Examples Of Sponsorship Proposals
  • 15-Second Pitch To Gatekeepers And Sponsors
  • After You Close

Recommendation & Advice – helps you decide which businesses are assets to your event

Quiz with answer page – helps you reinforce your learning

Sponsor Contact Sheet – helps you get organize

Conclusion – helps you understand the reasons a sponsor says no and what to do about it

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Take Action – list of steps to take after reading your eBook to secure sponsors

Format: eBook   Page: 89    Language: English

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