It is imperative to support sponsors that support your event and events that you believe in.  Here are some sponsors Roberta has secured while learning and becoming successful in securing sponsors.

Corporate & Local Sponsors


Event: Entertainment Industry Network Seminar, Age 18+
Target: Musicians, Students


Event: Costume Party, Age 6-12
Target: Community



Event: Fashion & Talent Show, Age 13-19
Target: Young Adults



Event: Fashion & Talent Show, Age 6-12
Target: Community (Entertainment Industry)


Event: Music Showcase, Age 21+
Target: Up & Coming Musicians



Event: Celebrity Fashion & Comedy Show, Age 18+
Target: Fashion Forward Spectators


Event: Business
Target: Entrepreneurs

Event: Boxing Class, Age 10+
Target: Community



Event: 80's Party, Age 30+
Target: Professionals


Event: Meetings
Target: Church Group



Event: Block Party, Age 0+
Target: Community


5 Ways to Support Sponsors, Click Here.



As one of the world’s most insightful sponsorship educator, Roberta Vigilance teaches individuals and groups how to secure sponsors for events.  For decades she’s gained extensive sales experience and has spent 19 of those years in the sponsorship space helping her book readers and clients, get their events cost covered and reduced.