I needed a knife to cut my bagel this morning and had to choose between rumbling through the utensils in the dish rack or walk a few steps further to the knife rack. The goal for me this morning was to minimize frustration (rumbling through pointy forks) and save time. Choosing to search for a knife in the knife rack vs dish rack helped me to achieve my goal more effectively and much faster.

When choosing sponsors for your event and organization make sure you target the right sponsors. Too often, organizers turn sponsors into advertisers by placing sponsors brands in front of a diversified audience instead of a pure audience. I don’t advise this practice; it causes the audience to tune out to everything that is sponsor-related because they cannot relate to the sponsor product, service, or message.

Target the right sponsors and expect better results and renewal of your sponsorship.

Thank you!

How are you choosing your target sponsor?

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Roberta Vigilance is a sponsorship consultant and author and teaches sponsorship seekers how to secure sponsors and finds solutions to her clients’ sponsorship problems. You can learn more about Roberta and what she offers by visiting her Online, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or Twitter or order her book How To Secure Sponsors, Successfully Third Edition.

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