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Personalize option is available to add your name, company name, and to tell and share your story with fans, staff, audience, prospect, clients, family, students, nonprofit organizations, and people you care about, inside the book or on the book cover, including giveaways. Share and preserve your story, your brand’s story, or your sponsor’s story in history for centuries

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, now in its third edition, covers topics that include: the 7 Misconceptions About Sponsorship To Get Rid Of (sponsorship is not a donation, being one of them), How Sponsorship Saves Money on Events & Increases Event Profit, How To Target the Right Sponsors & Where to Find Sponsors, How to Write A Sponsorship Proposal, with example, that is clear, concise, universal and lets sponsors know quickly what you have to offer, Overcoming obstacles you might face and what they mean. For all of the chapters, please click here.

This book makes a great gift for the event organizer or planner, promoter, entrepreneur, small business owner, podcast and show host, sponsor, brand, student, and other business-minded professionals that are in your life, and will show them how to get funding for events that they are passionate about as well as how to become a profitable sponsor. 


Books do not only make great marketing materials but also preserve pieces of history and have a lifespan that goes from generations to generations, for centuries. It’s not boastful to place your name in books (just ask other brands and individuals that have done and are doing it), it’s considered being strategic as well as connecting with current and future target audience.

If your brand’s or sponsor’s story is built on working with communities and establishing win-win partnerships, this is an opportunity to share it from generations to generations without the future expense. 

Cover: Hardcover / Format: Print / Page: 132 / Language: English / Size: 6×9

Minimum order = 25 books

To Personalized

Please send up to 2 pages (Microsoft Word file – 12 font size or bigger) that you would like to preserve in history to share your story, your brand’s story, or your sponsor’s story. Ask about logo placement on the book cover, additional fee applies. The interior of the book is printed in color which is great if you’re including color graphs and pictures. Changes can only be made before your order is sent to the printer. Once it’s sent, there isn’t anything we can do on our end to make the change. No refund provided unless we make the mistake. We reserve the right to refuse any story that may offend our audience or that we deem inappropriate, in this case, a refund minus merchant transaction fees will be issued to the buyer. Make sure the information is accurate and meet your satisfaction, after all, someone’s story whether it’s yours or your brand or sponsor is about to be preserved in history!

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