Getting sponsorship can seem like a hard task when you do not understand how sponsorship works know how to approach the process.

The first step to become successful at something including securing sponsors, is to understand it or outsource the work if you can afford it. Here are seven steps that will help you get started with securing sponsors for your event.

(1)  Know what you have to offer sponsors

What do you have to offer sponsor?

(2)  Know your target audience

Who is your target audience?

(3)  Find brands that are targeting your audience

Which brands are targeting your audience?

(4)  Have your sponsorship proposal ready

What information do you share with sponsors?

(5)  Contact sponsors send them you proposal

Where do you find sponsors?

(6)  Follow up to close sponsorship deal

When should you follow- up?

(7)  Activate all of the benefits

What benefits are you offering sponsors?

Get help securing sponsors. The answer to these questions and more is in “How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Get Funding For Your Event.

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