Generate Leads

Sponsorship Call Center

Research, cold-call, and follow-up with sponsors.

Don’t have time to research, cold call, and follow-up with sponsors? We do!

Don’t know what to say to sponsors? We do!

What better way to generate sponsorship leads than to have sponsorship professionals make the calls for you.

Whether it’s 30 or 30,000+ leads and calls, we got you covered!

  • Generate sponsorship leads
  • Research brands and companies in industries directed or recommended
  • Cold call for primary contacts
  • Get name and contact information of primary contacts
  • Follow up on those missed calls
  • Nurture leads
  • Turn cold calls into warm leads
  • Qualify leads to enter the sales process and receive proposal
SAVE TIME. Focus On Your Event.

Spend less time prospecting for sponsors and more time planning your event!

Outsource cold-calling sponsors to us. Focus on your event and we will focus on generating your sponsorship leads!


  • Sponsors will know who you are.
  • Sponsors will be expecting to hear from you.
  • Sponsors will be expecting your sponsorship proposal.

You don’t have to feel nervous or awkward when you’re calling sponsors for the first time. Our team of trained sponsorship knowledgeable professionals knows how to break the ice and turn them cold-calls into warm leads for our clients!

Have a list of sponsors already? We will make the calls and update your list or will create one for you through research.


$200.00 per hour.

1 hour = 50-80 cold calls or 1 hour = 20-30 research leads


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