Sponsors of Community Events

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Corporate & Local Sponsors


Event: Entertainment Industry Network Seminar, Age 18+
Target: Musicians, Students


Event: Costume Party, Age 6-12
Target: Families with Children



Event: Fashion & Talent Show, Age 13-19
Target: Teens



Event: Fashion & Talent Show, Age 6-12
Target: Families with Children


Event: Music Showcase, Age 21+
Target: Up & Coming Musicians



Event: (Invited Guest) Celebrity Fashion & Comedy Show, Age 18+
Target: Fashion Forward Spectators & Influencers


Event: Business
Target: Entrepreneurs

Event: Boxing Class, Age 10+
Target: Up and Coming Boxers



Event: 80's Party, Age 30+
Target: Business Professionals


Event: Meetings
Target: Church Groups



Event: Block Party, Age 0+
Target: Everyone Living in the Neighborhood
5 Ways to Support Sponsors, Click Here.

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