Note to Sponsors.

Sponsors, if you keep sponsoring the same event year after year and you’re not getting the results you need, want, and desire, there’s a name for it, Albert Einstein calls it insanity.

Consider working with new educated properties. Stop throwing your sponsorship money and resources away on events that are not achieving your goals and objectives. Think about it, the first event that was sponsored.. was just that.. a first event.

Not all properties are getting it wrong, some are learning how to get it right while others are getting it right with their current events sponsors.

Be open-minded, make a change, consider new properties who are taking the initiative and learning how to establish win-win partnerships with sponsors.

Roberta Vigilance is a sponsorship consultant and author and teaches sponsorship seekers how to secure sponsors and finds solutions to her clients’ sponsorship problems. You can learn more about Roberta and what she offers by visiting her Online, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or Twitter or order her book How To Secure Sponsors, Successfully Third Edition.

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