Updated from Jan, 3, 2017

Any event can be sponsored.  The same is true for sponsors, any company, it doesn’t matter the size, can be become a sponsor of an event.

At times sponsors don’t have money allocated for marketing.  Instead of money, sponsors can incorporate their product, service, image (celebrity or well known personality) into events. This type of sponsorship, called – in-kind sponsorship – will help event organizers get whatever is needed to make their event possible and even more engaging and successful.

Let’s use the Olympics for example-  Light or a certain type of light bulb is needed to showcase the athletes in the best light possible for the world to see. Well, if you’re a small light bulb company or green energy supplier, your product has monetary value which you can provide to event organizers (properties) in exchange for receiving valuable benefits such as new partnerships, visibility, etc.

If you’ve read the first edition of my book How To Secure Sponsors Successfully then you know I’ve shared in one of the chapters that ‘It’s Not Always About Money’.  In 2009, imagine how taken back I was when I read online that Donald Trump (now the US President) shared and quoted the same view.

Sponsorship is not always about money, and in-kind sponsorships can be worth as much or even more than gold.

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