Updated from May 21, 2013

New event organizers (sponsorship seekers) have a better chance of offering sponsors a positive return on investment (ROI) than seasoned properties.  Why? Take notice of events that have secured sponsors in the past years.  Other than increase in logos, what have changed? Absolutely nothing!  Update: Sponsor with long-term sponsorship: Emirates

Sponsors complain events are not producing ROI (Return On Investment) or ROO (Return On Objective), yet they support the same events year after year. Although some of these events do attract millions of viewers aka potential clients and customers, sponsors are marketed and viewed as advertisers. They blend-in with the crowd of other sponsors and are left to compete for attention.

I say to sponsors, make a change.  Stop throwing your sponsorship money and resources away for benefits that don’t personally connect you with your target market or that you can’t measure.  Be open-minded to sponsor new events that produce positive results that you need and desire. Think about this: the first event that was sponsored.. was just that.. a first event.  Thankfully sponsorship is becoming refined and measurable.  If it’s been 5 or 20 years later and you can’t measure your sponsorship return, then you are doing something wrong, not the properties.

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