Take a listen to this interview, it’s one of my favorite experience and interviews because I got to share my insight and experience in event sponsorship on the platform with many other rights holders (sponsorship seekers) such as Universal Music Group, Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo, and Football Federation Victoria.

Mark Thompson who had invited me on the show (I never heard about Inside Sponsorship until the invite nor did I know the powerhouse that they are) is the Founder & Managing Director of Sponserve and Daniel Oyston the host and marketing extraordinaire and guru are experts and influencers in the business of sponsorship, and home based in Australia. With such an extensive background in sponsorship, it’s no wonder why some of their clients include Sydney Roosters, Cowboys, USA Wrestling, and I can go on and on, see for yourself here!

In this interview you’ll find out the following: if I could be one person for the day who that would be and why, what was my first job ever, some of the sponsors I’ve worked with, red flags that tell sponsorship professionals you’re not ready for sponsors, are there certain sponsor objectives that are better or more easily achieved through event sponsorship than other channels, my view on brands sponsoring events that might seem poor or an unusual fit but in execution it was brilliant, how do events position themselves as unique and stand out from the crowd to sponsors, how does event activation differ from non-event activation, my thoughts on what brands should be spending on sponsorship activation, an example of one of my favorite activation from an event, my view on have rights holders changed their approach to being sponsored and if so how, is it a good approach for brands to create their own events or experience vs sponsoring a rights holder and accessing someone’s else audience, how does a brand go about partnering with communities without it feeling like they are just doing it for commercial gain, my story on securing Tommy Hilfiger as a sponsor at the time about rumors of racism, and more.

I never thought about becoming an author, nor an event planner, nor a business owner, all these things just happened because I had a passion for helping others and took action hence sharing this information in the book.

The book teaches the fundamentals of securing sponsors from the common terms recognized universally by sponsorship professionals which says you understand sponsorship and how it works, including how to establish win-win sponsorship partnerships that benefit both you and the sponsors. I consider this book to be a textbook or handbook which is to be used as a standard and reference resource that is widely held in the event sponsorship industry by the top professionals.

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events

I’m still writing, I thought I was finished months ago; only writers might understand the time and commitment that are required to complete a book. One week is left before it’s sent off to an editor then to the printer to test the quality before it arrives at your door for Christmas!

If you would like to secure a page in the book before it goes to print, maybe to tell your business or brand’s story or share a bit of history, please contact me.  Books are great marketing materials with a lifespan that go from generations to generations. It’s not boastful (just ask other brands and individuals that have done and are doing it), it’s considered being strategic as well as connecting with your current and future target audience. If your brand and story are built on working with communities and establishing win-win partnerships, this is an opportunity for you to share it with the world. Ask about logo placement on the cover, contact me.

Cover: Hard / Format: Print / Page: 130-132 / Language: English / Size: 6×9



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Thank you to those who have already pre-ordered your book. Your support lets me know that all of the work and time I’ve spent on sharing this information is not in vain. I look forward to the book contributing to your success in securing sponsors.

Thank you!!!! Roberta


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