Become Sponsorship Ready

Where to start on your sponsorship journey?

Entrepreneurs and organizers are filled with lots of great ideas and events. Choosing one is key to successfully start your sponsorship journey. But which one?

Roberta Vigilance guides clients through the process of choosing the right event and targeting and securing the right sponsor.

Coaching Program Includes:
  • (1) 4-hour session
  • Summary of the session
  • 2 Month follow-up for feedback and answers
  • (2) 30 Minute follow-up session per month
Coaching sessions location
  • Phone
  • Online (Skype, WhatsApp, Etc.)
  • Time Zone: (US) Eastern Standard Time.

The cost might be more for hours after 5:00 PM EST.

To schedule a coaching session

Request date and time to check Roberta’s availability Here.

$US 2,500.00

$US 1,800.00 promo rate ends September 2018