How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised – Funding For Events

Book Releases March 30th, 2019!

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How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised - Funding For Events

Are you seeking funding for events? Learn the secrets to getting sponsors to cover 100% of your costs.

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Events cost money and sponsors will cover the cost. Learn how to secure sponsors for your event. Any event you can think of can be sponsored and this book will show you how! It’s straight to the point, based on successful results and insight, and is written for beginners and experienced to get better results. You’ll be able to save your own money and increase your profit. This book is a must read!

Note from the Author

I published the first edition of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully in 2005, it was sold as an ebook on Myspace platform. Anyone remembers Myspace :-). My passion for helping others achieve success without having them do unlawful and unethical stuff is what led me to establish my event planning company. I am self-taught in both planning sponsored-events and securing sponsors and started to secure sponsors in 1997 before launching Vigilance Style & Grace in 1999. Prior to launching my company, I worked in sales so when it came to selling my events to sponsors it wasn’t intimating. It was however embarrassing because I didn’t know anything about sponsorship nor ever heard of it until the word, not the process, sponsor or sponsorship came into my realm – we’re talking about the late nineties when the internet was so new that everyone thought it was going to be a fad – I marry the techniques I learned in sales to my new word and started to secure corporate, local, media and other sponsors in both monetary and in-kind sponsorships. I share my experience, knowledge, and insight for you to get the funding you need, want and desire and connect sponsors with your event audience. The information can be used in every part of the world – it will help you today and into the future and is for beginners and experienced. Start preparing and reading early, it usually takes 6 months to a year or longer to secure sponsors –  in addition to needing time to research and contact sponsors (if you don’t already have contacts), and to follow-up on those missed calls and out of office replies, and to wait until the budget becomes available – passion, perseverance, and persistence are needed. Two major things I would like you to take away from the book – (1) know the value of your event and (2) know how to establish win-win partnerships between your event and sponsors. Order your copy of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised – Funding For Events when it releases on March 30th! Thank you, Roberta Vigilance! 

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Who this book is for

Event Planners, Event Organizers & Promoters

From community events to destination weddings, funding might be needed to cover such things as the venue, DJ, travel, hotel, food, promotion, production, activities, to anything that an event needs. Sponsors will cover the cost. Find out what sponsors are looking for in exchange for funding.

Nonprofit organizations 

Planning events for causes such as poverty, disease, abuse, environment, equality or awareness to something that disrupts the world or a community. Some sponsors look for causes that they can relate to. Learn about tangible and intangible benefits.

Professionals working 9-5 or a full-time job

It can be challenging at times stretching a household income to pay for a creative event. Partner with sponsors to offset the cost of the event. Find out how!


Owning a business can be freeing and costly. Securing sponsors does not only increase event profit but also increases business profit. There are many areas within a business that can be sponsored, deciding where to start can be overwhelming. Finding Event Clarity – a newly added chapter guides you to choose where to start.


You are an expert, a thought leader, and passionate on a topic or subject – why not partner with sponsors that share the same view and belief and can benefit from placing their product, service or message in front of your audience.

Sport teams

Jersey sponsors are great and so are banners at the game. To add more value to the sponsorship make sure your competition is not the only ones reading How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition – Funding For Events because they will be able to communicate with and secure any type of sponsors (listed in the book) throughout the world.

Celebrities & Musicians

Save money that would normally be spent on lavish parties, international tours, product launches, charity events, and more. Establish partnerships with sponsors if you’re funding everything on your own. Find out what benefits you can offer sponsors, and more!


Let sponsors help you make your school or class event engaging and exciting or even serious. Sponsors will also cover the cost of your class. Find out how to target the right sponsors.


Recommended for age 10 and up, without belittling any information. The first chapter: Understanding – Sponsorship Foundation will get children activists and champions heads spinning with great ideas and activations. Children are still the future and also influencers of things that their parents buy, which events their parents take them to and also of other children; this influence can help sponsors tremendously from generation to generation.


Before sponsoring an event or the next event, understand how sponsorship works. Adding logos to a flyer or game or sponsor shout outs are nice but without the right knowledge, it’s almost impossible to receive any ROI & ROO on the sponsorship. Learn how to position yourself as a winning sponsor and you’ll be able to maximize results and achieve your goals and objectives.


  • Get the cost of your event covered and reduced.
  • Convert companies into supporters of your event.
  • Establish win-win partnerships between your event and sponsors.
  • Communicate with corporate, local, and other sponsors.
  • Be more competitive than other sponsorship seekers.
  • Q&A support via email.
  • Secure monetary and in-kind sponsorships.
  • Minimize embarrassment and rejections.
  • Maximize results.
  • Access to the Reward Program.

Reward Program

Giving back to book buyers.

Get the cost of your event covered

This book is a must read if you’re seeking funding for events. Sponsors fund events cost up to 100%. What’s the first step to securing sponsors? Understanding! From the 7 misconceptions to get rid of and knowing the common sponsorship terms to how sponsorship increases event profit. Any event you can think of can be sponsored, from seminars, festivals, expos, shows, trips, parties, weddings, walks/runs, programs, research, projects, studies, tours to games, tournaments, movies and any event you can think of.

About Book

There are terms used in sponsorship that you’ll need to know and understand in order to secure sponsors that are included in How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised – Funding For Events. You’ll also know what “no” means and what to do. It’s excellent for beginners who are ready to secure monetary and in-kind sponsorships. Get a quick overview of the sponsorship success with VMFESS a metric that evaluates the sponsorship success plus strategies you can use for measuring the sponsorship ROI (Return On Investment). This information will put you ahead of those who don’t read the book. Based on proven results and the sponsorship industry standard. It’s straight to point and easy to understand.

Table of Contents



  • 7 Misconceptions About Sponsorship To Get Rid Of (Newly Released!)
  • About Event Sponsorship (Updated!)
  • How Sponsorship Saves Money On Events
  • How Sponsorship Increases Event Profit



  • Common Terms You Should Know (Updated!)
  • When To Contact Sponsors (Newly Released!)



  • VMFESS (Newly Released!)



  • Create Your Sponsorship Fee (Updated!)
  • Benefits Sponsors Look For
  • Target The Right Sponsors
  • Where To Find Sponsors (Updated!)
  • Sponsorship Categories For Proposal (Updated!)
  • What To Include In Your Event Sponsorship Letter
  • Examples of Sponsorship Proposals (Newly Released!)
  • 15-Second Pitch To Gate Keeper



  • What To Do After You Secured Sponsors



  • Overcoming obstacles you might face, what they mean, and how to overcome them.


  • Where To Start (Newly Released!)



Step-By-Step Guide To Planning A Sponsored-Event – Prevent and minimize common mistakes often made by new planners

Cover: Hard / Format: Print / Page: 132 / Language: English / Size: 6×9

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