Roberta believes sponsors that target communities should partner with the communities in which they sell their products and services.  If brands continue to take money and resources out of communities and don’t put anything back, how will communities survive?  They won’t. She doesn’t believe communities should have a feeling of entitlement from sponsors, instead they should learn how to establish win-win partnerships.

Over the course of three decades, Roberta Vigilance has gained extensive B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) sales experience and has spent more than 20 of those years in the event sponsorship space selling events to sponsors. 

Led by passion, Roberta established Vigilance Style & Grace, in 1999, an event planning company specializing in networking events which educate, showcase, and network talents in the entertainment industry.

Self-taught, Roberta learned from trial and error how to plan events and secure sponsors. All of her events were sponsored; as a result, she saved her company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Roberta is the first African American to write books on securing sponsors. 

Her events’ sponsors span the gamut from Tommy Hilfiger Jeans and Rite Aid to Adidas and Coca-Cola. Roberta strategic problem-solving, ingenuity, and inquisitive nature have all earned her the reputation as an innovative sponsorship industry frontrunner around the globe.

A few lessons Roberta learned while planning sponsored-events and securing sponsors:


Sales Background

Her first job was working in sales as a cashier in a supermarket where she learned to provide exceptional service to customers. As she became seasoned in sales and from reading books, she learned the importance of selling benefits vs. features.

Helping Others

Roberta established Vigilance Style & Grace in 1999, an event planning, as a solution to help up and coming models and talents gain information and connections with leaders within the entertainment industry.

Needing Funding 

With an event budget of $0, Roberta started to seek funding to cover the cost of  her company’s events.

Securing Sponsors

Self-taught, Roberta learned how to secure sponsors for her events through leveraging her experience in sales and trial and error and closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship.

Teaching Others

Roberta teaches in How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, how event sponsorship works, to communicate with sponsors, and to sell events to sponsors. 

Giving Back

$5 from each purchase of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised – Funding For Events, goes toward the Sponsorship Reward Program which sponsors events that are planned by book buyers of only this edition.

Books & Training

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