Sign Up for Event Sponsorship Training Program

Event Sponsorship Training Program

Warning: This program is intended for beginners who are passionate about their events ONLY.

Guarantees success. Sign up for Event Sponsorship Training Program taught and serviced by event sponsorship author and consultant, Roberta Vigilance. You’ll learn how to secure sponsors for your event, and receive on-going support until you secure a sponsor. 

Budget is an important factor in shows, movies, festivals, organizations, galas, tours, projects, walks and drives, cause-related, and other events. Without sponsors events can be economically unfeasible or not take place at all. As with any skill, to become successful in it you need to gain understanding.

You’ll Learn

From this informative training program, Roberta Vigilance will teach you how successful sponsorship works, to communicate with sponsors effectively, and write a concise and effective sponsorship proposal.

Outcome of Training

You’ll be able to engage with sponsors on any level and secure sponsors for your event.

Ongoing Support

To support your learning experience, Roberta will work with you until you secure a sponsor.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding Sponsorship

  • Communicating with Sponsors

  • Selling Events to Sponsors

Who should sign up:

  • Event Planners (Party, Wedding, Office, Community, Etc.)

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Musicians

  • New to Sponsorship

  • Celebrities

  • Athletes & Sports Team

  • Children (age 10+) & Family For Class Trips & Projects

  • Full Time Employees Planning Events

  • New Sponsors

  • Business Owners

  • Promoters

  • Bloggers and Influencers

  • Authors

  • Movie and Web-series Creators

  • Students & Student Clubs

  • Venue Owners & Managers

  • & Others Seeking Funding For Events They Are Passionate About

9 Fundamental Steps To Securing Sponsors for Events.

Event Sponsorship Training Program

  • Get the cost of your event covered and reduced
  • Learn a new skill
  • Upskill your team
  • Get better results


Training – Ongoing Support

Roberta’s event sponsorship training program will give you the confidence you need when communicating with experienced sponsorship professionals and she will support you throughout the process until you secure a sponsor.

  • OFFLINE:  Bring to your location.

    $1,500 per person

  • ONLINE:   Zoom, WhatsApp, and other convenient online platforms.

    $1,000 per person

  • Group Package Discount Available.

  • Check availability, Contact Roberta.

..Hi Roberta, I enjoyed your presentation and the discussion where a young poet, musicians, dancer, and program manager and policewoman came out with newfound enthusiasm for finding sponsors and better organizers

Marcia Kresge, Program Coordinator & Yoga Instructor

It’s always great to have business related programs in lower income communities that lack this type of education and we look forward to having more workshops like that here again

R. Sinclair, Brooklyn Public Library, Saratoga Branch Librarian

The workshop was useful.  You covered everything on the agenda.  It’s very helpful to have a resume with specific work experience to forward to team members and get them to commit their time.  thanks.

Devika Porayath

I thought the workshop was informative and helpful.  I would definitely recommend it.

Felicia Moley

I was able to get on your call yesterday! Great Stuff.

Lytoya Parker

Thanks for your presentation, Roberta! I think people definitely found it helpful.

Ethany Uttech, Community Initiatives Specialist