Sponsorship problem?

Having the right demographic just isn’t enough to leverage successful sponsorship outcomes. Lots of different events have the same audience. There are things that are overlooked which causes sponsorships to be unsuccessful, such as, unforeseeable events, e.g., government shut down, technology not working and faulty stage, spending money on the wrong activation, the event and sponsor were never a good fit, not evaluating the sponsorship before and after activation, and lack of knowledge.

Roberta Vigilance finds solutions for clients that will convert their unsuccessful sponsorships to successful sponsorships.

Consulting process:

  • Discovery – Schedule a 15 minute (phone or video) appointment with Roberta and let her know the problem and what you would like her to do. She’ll let you know if she’s able to find a solution to your problem.

  • Agreement – Both parties decided to work together.

  • Gather information – Roberta gather information from client during discussion and Q&A sessions.

  • Solutions – Roberta provides solutions that will achieve or make progress on client’s needs.

  • Check-Ins – Roberta will check-in on client’s achievement or to adjust the plan.

Roberta listens, analyzes, researches, and provides solutions to sponsorship problems. If you’ve landed a huge sponsor and want to keep your sponsor or you’re a sponsor and want better sponsorship results and not sure what to do or want, hire Roberta as your sponsorship consultant.

Interested in becoming a Consulting Client?