Solution to sponsorship problem.

Are you getting no to little retention of sponsors or from the sponsorship or looking for ways to improve the sponsorship?

Having the right demographic just isn’t enough to leverage successful sponsorships. There are lots of events that have the same target audience, from age group to lifestyles and locations. There are many reasons successful sponsorships result in unsuccessful outcomes. For example, spending time and money on the wrong activation, no gain, e.g., ROI, and targeting the wrong sponsors.

Problem solving is a fun challenge Roberta Vigilance enjoys taking on. She works with you to find answers that you’re looking for and researches to provide solutions that are needed to take sponsorships from unsuccessful to successful.

During consultation, Roberta starts with the basics, such as,  what have you done or haven’t done within the sponsorship, what sponsors expect compared to the benefits (assets) you’re providing, what is the event purpose vs. is the current sponsors the right fit.

Roberta listens, analyzes, researches, and provides answers and solutions to sponsorship problems for sponsors and rights holder (event organizers). If you’re not a professional in event sponsorship and landed some huge sponsors and want to keep them or looking for another sponsorship professional to add to your team, you’ve come to the right place. 

Consulting process is as follows:

  • Discovery – Roberta listens to client problem, concern, frustration, and expected outcome.

  • Strategies – Roberta analyzes and research information provided by client to arrive at options and solutions.

  • Report & Feedback – Roberta provides solutions for client to decide what they’ll act on or what needs to be improved.
  • Follow up – Roberta tracks progress compared to desired expected outcome.

  • Report – Client provides feedback and referrals.

Retainer $25,000. 

Do you want to be a Consulting Client?