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Since 2005, I’ve been teaching sponsorship seekers how to secure sponsors for events. Here why..

Right before, and after, establishing my event planning company in 1999, I was planning events to educate, showcase, and network talents. My passion at that time was to help this audience navigate through the saturated music and fashion industries based on what they know since most of them did not personally know decision makers in the entertainment industry.

I needed money to fund the events. I had no experience in planning events and securing sponsors, and never heard about sponsorship. However, I was already established in sales and had been working since a teenager in the sales industry.

The word sponsor or sponsorship came into my realm but not the process. I taught myself how to plan sponsored-events that span the gamut from seminars and fashion and talent shows to contests and open-mics, for children, teens, and adults, and secure sponsors from Adidas, J Records, Modells, Rite Aid, among many others.

I became successful in securing sponsors when I changed up my language. My proposal was spot-on which I contribute to my background in sales. I wanted to help others who plan events, e.g., entrepreneurs, event planners, nonprofit organizations, musicians, etc., get funding for events that they are passionate about.

I released my first event sponsorship book (electronic format) in 2005 on, and it started to pick up momentum in sales in 2010 thanks to John Kremer

My insight strongly grew in event sponsorship. A pivotal moment for me was when I was invited to share my insight on Inside Sponsorship, an online platform that interviews sponsorship professionals including those representing sponsors.

I’m in the process of releasing the third edition revised of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully on Barnes & Noble. This edition is magical because it’s the first one I took seriously as an author (verses as an event planner sharing sponsorship information). I outsourced the editing and formatting. Also, because there is a metric for sponsorship seekers and sponsors that was created to evaluate the sponsorship success before submitting sponsorship proposals and approving sponsorships which saves both parties from wasting money and resources on the wrong activation. This book is phenomenal – it contains a bonus book, coaching questions to provide event clarity, and the new metric. If you’re able to order my 2in1 guide, please do so – it’s a compilation of all of my books including the third edition revised, the hard cover is a keeper (even though the soft cover is great for taking notes)!

As you plan your sponsored-event and secure sponsors, know that you are representing your community of audience. Target sponsors that have products, services, and messages, that resonate with your event audience.

I am available for teaching and consulting opportunities, and look forward to reading your book or e-book review which you can send here.

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As one of the world’s most insightful accomplished sponsorship professional with proven ability to establish win-win deals and partnerships between events and sponsors, self-taught, Roberta Vigilance planned dozens of events and secured sponsors for each event.

Over the course of three decades, she has gained extensive B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) sales experience and has spent more than 20 of those years in the event sponsorship space selling events to sponsors and teaching for-profits and nonprofits how to secure sponsors for events.

Roberta strategic problem-solving, ingenuity, and inquisitive nature have all earned her the reputation as an innovative sponsorship industry frontrunner around the globe.

Roberta was born and is located in the United States of America and was raised in Guyana, South America, and loves music. Roberta provides consulting service to clients with sponsorship problems and teaches an event sponsorship training course, offline, online, and by phone.

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