"Just finished reading How to Secure Sponsors Successfully. It was a very informative read with great examples and it covered all the major points for getting sponsorship."

How to Secure Sponsors Successfully

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Empower sponsorship seekers globally to obtain funding for their passion-driven events. 

Build collaborations that drive community prosperity. 

Establish win-win partnerships between events and sponsors.

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Shows, Projects, Programs, Businesses, Land, Parties, Seminars, Races, Walks/Runs, Fundraisers, Teams, Buildings, Trips, Commercials, Courses, Metaverse, Launches, Talks, Books, Movies, Contests, Communities, Weddings, And All Types Of Events. For for-profits & non-profits.

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How To Secure Sponsors Successfully
Seeking funding for your event? 

Whether you're just getting started with planning events and securing sponsors, or you're already experienced, 'How To Secure Sponsors Successfully' will show you how to get your event costs covered and reduced, irrespective of the event's type or size. You'll be able to save money on events and increase your event profits.

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Clear And Straightforward!

As a Strategic Marketing Consultant the fundamentals are key to sponsorship and event success. Roberta Vigilance has boiled down the intricacies of event sponsorship to an easy to follow blueprint and roadmap of how to bring the team together to a sponsorship mindset with clear step by step instructions on best practices to secure solid partnerships and sponsors.
A great read!

John Hunt, Strategic Marketing Consultant

Thank you Roberta Vigilance, for writing How To Secure Sponsors Successfully. I am always telling my children that we’re never to old to learn something new. Roberta, you did just that well… in this case you were the teacher and I was the student. Your book (How To Secure Sponsors Successfully) is so much information that many of us business owners seek for. 
I am grateful to have read your e-book. It is GOOD STUFF. I learned a new term Deck as in sponsorship. I had no idea that sponsors needed to lose their budget. You allowed me to see things in a different lens. And to learn to step out of the box.

Rebecca Seraphin, Seraphin's Catering LLC

Just finished reading How to Secure Sponsors Successfully. It was a very informative read with great examples and it covered all the major points for getting sponsorship. This book will help play a role in my developing a solid approach for successfully seeking and obtaining sponsors.

Monica Davis, Brand Narrative expert and Media Trainer - Author, Start Your Business Right and Welcome to the Top

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Attendees will leave with a better understanding of event sponsorship; presented by Roberta Vigilance. 

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The workshop was useful.  You covered everything on the agenda.  It's very helpful to have a resume with specific work experience to forward to team members and get them to commit their time.  thanks.

Devika Porayath

It's always great to have business related programs in lower income communities that lack this type of education and we look forward to having more workshops like that here again.

R. Sinclair 

(516) 512.9716 l

I thought the workshop was informative and helpful.  I would definitely recommend it.

Felicia Moley


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Event sponsorship expert, Business owner of Vigilance Style & Grace, established 1999 dba, Author, mother, loves music.
How I Got Started.
Hi, Roberta here..
In the late 1990s, I found myself juggling multiple roles – working in B2B sales, managing a music celebrity calendar project, being a returning college student, and a new mom. It was during this busy period that I embarked on my journey by venturing into event planning. This decision was prompted by the desires of emerging musicians and models who wished to pursue careers in the entertainment industry without compromising their moral values and my passion for helping them achieve that goal.

As I delved into event planning I also began seeking money to cover the associated costs. It was during this time that I learned about event sponsorship.
Through trial and error, I learned the language and process of securing sponsors. As I honed my skills and became proficient at securing sponsors, I wanted to share my knowledge to help other event planners cover the costs of their events and reduce their financial burdens.

In 2005, I decided to put my experience and insight into a book, titled 'How To Secure Sponsors Successfully.'

Since then, I've been actively promoting event sponsorship awareness among both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations in various communities - across the globe.
My commitment to the world of event sponsorship remains unwavering, and I take great pleasure in assisting sponsorship seekers (and sponsors) in achieving sponsorship success.

If you're looking for a sponsorship consultant who will be dedicated to your sponsorship success, whether it involves evaluating a sponsorship deal, problem-solving, or developing a strategy to move closer to your objective and goal, I would like to hear from you. Best regards. - Roberta
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Before you approach sponsors make sure you understand how sponsorship works, know the language, and what information to include in your sponsorship proposal. This book covers all three topics, plus shares how to rebound from "no" which is part of the process to get to yes!

Oftentimes, sponsorship is mistaken for donation, free money, and advertisement; as a result, money is left on the table that could have gone towards helping a community, group, or you to achieve your goal. Event sponsorship is another source of funding for events. Sponsors fund all types of events, from parties, teams, fundraisers, games, programs to metaverse, cookouts, projects, weddings and shows.

Learn how sponsorship works, the sponsorship language, and how to write a win-win sponsorship proposal. Examples of sponsorship proposal are included.

No more second guessing. Read How To Secure Sponsors Successfully.


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