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I look forward to adding value to what you’ve already started or might have accomplished and finding solutions to the problems you are having!

Please send the date and time you are available to start consulting session and remember to include the location (phone or video).

  1. Steps to start consulting service:
    1. Make payment.
    2. Schedule date and time.
    3. Choose meeting location (phone, video).
    4. Meet with Roberta.
  • Week 1 Meeting 1 – Collect information
  • Week 2 Meeting 2 – Asses problem
  • Week 3 Meeting 3 – Provide solution and advice
  • Week 4 Meeting 4 – Measure results
Roberta Vigilance!

Roberta Vigilance is the Owner of Vigilance Style & Grace, an event sponsorship education & consulting company. She teaches professionals how to secure sponsors for events off and online, and problem-solve with clients. Visit her Online. Visit on social media: FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter or order How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition Revised.