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For Sponsors & Sponsorship Seekers 

Work with Roberta and have a peace of mind. 

Roberta is self-taught in the field of sponsorship and has become a professional who is listened to, and trusted and respected by CEO’s of corporate and local brands, sales professionals, and by other sponsorship professionals and leaders.

Always overcoming challenges whether from a younger to pure competition, she is confident that she will come up on top and is energized, experienced, and knowledgeable to take and keep her clients in the position in which they desire including # 1.

She exudes positive vibes and best wishes for her members, clients, and book readers, and does whatever it takes, once ethical to her standard, to see her members achieve success.

Roberta’s commitment in sponsorship with her passion and hard work, help both sponsors and sponsorship seekers with the following:

  1. Prospecting and establishing win-win partnerships
  2. Guiding a new or inexperienced team to success
  3. Meeting sales and sponsorship quota
  4. Fresh and rewarding insight
  5. Getting to outcomes you need, want, and desire
  6. Feedback to ensure you start and remain on the right track
  7. Building and approving sponsorship packages that produce ROI & ROO
  8. Building activation for both the sponsor and sponsorship seekers
  9. Evaluating the success of the sponsorship before and after activation
  10. Dealing with and overcoming unforeseeable events
  11. Leveraging and measuring the sponsorship
  12. Feedback on new thoughts, ideas, and concepts

If you need answers and assistance in another sponsorship-related area, just ask Roberta!

All information is kept confidential. Roberta will sign your NDA (confidential agreement) once agreed upon.

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(1) Consulting Session  (Value 1 month $2,800)

If you like keeping things simple, then Roberta is the perfect sponsorship consultant to work with.

Step 1 – She listens, asses what is causing your problem, gathers information and provides you with solutions and strategy plan.

Step 2 – You on the responsibility of implementing the solutions and strategy plan.  Or, pay fees for Roberta to outsource and oversee implementation of solutions and strategy plan.

(2) Coaching Session (Value 1 month $2,800)

Roberta will guide you through your uncertainties and concerns, encourage you through your sponsorship process and get you over that hump.

(3) Q & A Session (Value 1 month $2,800)

Ask questions, get answers and brainstorm with Roberta.  Discuss a new idea or approach before going public or announcing it to your stakeholders.

(4) Newsletter (Value 1 month $840)

Sponsorship updates, stories, and tips to keep you in the know and motivated.

Having Roberta on-call, all year round, gives you an advantage and competitive edge.  Benefits: Meet quotas, find assets in your event, save time, prevent and minimize costly mistakes, increase freedom and profit, boost your confidence and make better decisions,  achieve results, objectives and goals, and of course a peace of mind knowing that you are working with someone who is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, helpful, passionate and you can trust.

About session

♦ One-on-one session is between you or your designated representative – and – Roberta

♦ Meet once per week for 30 minutes

♦ Sessions are held via conference call

Time zone friendly. Schedule session in your time zone.

If you become a member today, your membership will expire a day before today the following year in which you can renew or end your membership.  Imagine having a sponsorship professional with experience and knowledge who is willing, ready, and passionate about working with you!

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute.  Payment is accepted in US$. However, PayPal will convert your currency, plus you don’t need to create an account.  PayPal is a reputable and trusted online merchant, and helps keep your transactions secure by not sharing your full financial information with sellers. If you would like to learn more about PayPal and Security for buyers, click here.

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Please read Membership Terms & Conditions before signing up.

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One-time payment of $110,880USD.  Includes ALL of the above mentioned.


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