Roberta Vigilance was born in New York City to Guyanese parents.  She lived in Guyana with her grandparents before she returned to the United States at age 10.

Roberta believes brands that target communities should partner with the communities in which they service.  If brands continue to take money and resources out of a community and don’t put anything back, how will that community survive?  They won’t. Communities should not have a feeling of entitlement from brands that target them, instead they should be aware of sponsorship and learn how to communicate with brands to establish win-win partnerships which are taught in her book and sponsorship program.

She has 25+ years of experience working in sales. Not ever hearing about sponsorship and needing money and resources to fund her events, after establishing her event planning company in 1999 to educate and showcase up and coming models and talents including networking them with industry leaders, she asked companies to invest in her events.

She doesn’t recall where or how she first heard the word sponsor or sponsorship. It was not taught in her school nor in her household or where she worked.  Self-taught, Roberta learned the language and steps to planning sponsored-events and securing sponsors and has secured private and public sponsors in corporate to local brands.  Her events’ sponsors span industries from pharmaceutical and media to nonprofit and entertainment.

Roberta is the author of How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition, and is available to teach groups and give advice to clients with sponsorship problems.

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