How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition

Get money and resources to fund your or your client’s event.

Sponsor is another name for supporter.

A sponsor covers and reduces the cost of events. Any event you can think of can be sponsored, from festivals, tours, projects, conferences and shows to movies, walks, campaigns, weddings and parties.

One of the biggest misconception about sponsorship is that you need to be a nonprofit organization, this is far from the truth.

Sponsorships can be unsuccessful for sponsorship seekers, i.e., event organizers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, etc., who try to get their event cost covered and reduced by securing sponsors.  Sponsorship is often mistaken for donation, advertisement, and investors; therefore, breakdown in communication takes place between sponsorship seekers and sponsors.  Equally important, sponsorship seekers are not aware of how to sell their events to sponsors, from not knowing how much funding to ask for to how to quantify their budgets.  

Securing sponsors is selling, you are selling your event to establish partnerships with sponsors. If selling makes you nervous, you can relax, because How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition has a 15-second pitch you can use and make it your own when you call sponsors.

Bonus Included! Step-By-Step Guide To Planning A Sponsored-Event (stand alone guide sold separately) will help you minimize mistakes and maximize your event outcome.

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition teaches how to get money and resources to fund your event.

TIP: Before and after reading How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition, remember you are not confined to securing sponsors only in your area, but also in different parts of the world.


  • Learn how to get money and resources to fund your event.
  • Learn how to establish partnerships with corporations and other entities to cover and reduce the cost of your event.
  • Learn how to sell your event to sponsors.
  • Learn how to communicate with sponsors.
  • Learn how to evaluate the success of the sponsorship by using VMFESS.
  • Learn what benefits to offer sponsors.
  • Learn how sponsorship saves you money.
  • Learn how sponsorship increases your event profit.
  • Learn how to establish win-win partnerships and not ask for handouts.
  • Become skilled in securing sponsors.
  • Improve your sponsorship results.
  • Bonus! A stand alone book to help you avoid and minimize mistakes when planning your sponsored-event is included.



  • About Author
  • Common Terms You Should Know
  • About Event Sponsorship
  • How Sponsorship Saves Money On Events
  • How Sponsorship Increases Event Profit
  • When To Contact Sponsors
  • Creating Your Sponsorship Fee
  • Benefits Sponsors Look For
  • Targeting The Right Sponsors
  • Sponsorship Categories For Proposal
  • What To Include In Your Event Sponsorship Letter
  • Samples of A Sponsorship Proposal
  • 15-Second Pitch To Gate Keepers
  • What To Do After You Secured Sponsors
  • Measuring Sponsors’s Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Find These Companies & Professionals
  • Fun Quiz (with answer page)
  • Sponsor Contact Sheet
  • Bonus! Step-By-Step Guide To Planning A Sponsored-Event

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