How To Secure Sponsors Successfully, Third Edition

Learn how to secure sponsors. For Beginners & Experienced looking to Improve Results.

If you are new to sponsorship it is essential that you understand the true meaning of sponsorship and get rid of common misconceptions.  In addition to understanding sponsorship, you will learn how to partner with sponsors, get the cost of your event covered and reduced, increase your event’s profit, price and qualify your sponsorship, and evaluate the success of the sponsorship before and after activation, and everything you need to know to secure sponsors successfully.  You will be able to communicate with sponsorship professionals who are at the top of their game and sell them your value that will help them achieve their objectives and goals.


  • Acknowledgement ..6
  • Get Rid of These Misconceptions (New!) ..7-8
  • About Author ..9
  • Common Terms You Should Know ..10-12
  • About Event Sponsorship (Updated!) ..13-17
  • How Sponsorship Saves Money On Events ..18-19
  • How Sponsorship Increases Event Profit ..20-22
  • When To Contact Sponsors (New!) ..23-24
  • Creating Your Sponsorship Fee ..25-26
  • Benefits Sponsors Look For ..27-29
  • Targeting The Right Sponsors ..30-31
  • Where To Find Sponsors (Updated!) ..32-35
  • Sponsorship Categories For Proposal (Updated!) ..36-38
  • What To Include In Your Event Sponsorship Letter ..39-43
  • Samples of A Sponsorship Proposal (Updated!) ..44-50
  • 15-Second Pitch To Gate Keepers ..51-54
  • What To Do After You Secured Sponsors ..55-56
  • VMFESS (metric for evaluating sponsorship success before and after activation) (New!) ..57-64
  • Find These Companies & Professionals (New!) ..65-68
  • Fun Quiz (with answer page) ..69-72
  • Sponsor Contact Sheet ..73-76
  • VMFESS Sample (New!) ..77-78
  • Conclusion (New!) ..79-80
  • Bonus! Step-By-Step Guide To Planning A Sponsored-Event (New!) 81-89

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Estimated Reading time: 76 minutes

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